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Our Story

Before the opening of Sea Mist Waterfront Inn, owner/proprietors Brenda and Tom Mueller built and owned the beautiful dwelling on Sea Mist Lane as their primary home for over 24 years. It was there that they raised their 4 children who spent many glorious hours playing on the beach, chasing their dogs, running through the family’s 100 year old Gravenstein apple orchard and visiting with Grandma and Grandpa…just a couple of doors away.

Tom—or Dr. Mueller—as his patients called him, worked for some 35 years as an Ear Nose and Throat physician specializing in Allergy. Brenda was an accomplished theater director and professional classical singer.

On September 21, 2015 after never having missed a single day at the office due to illness—and with no symptoms whatsoever—Dr. Mueller had a sudden, massive and catastrophic brain stroke. He was 59 years old. Life as this couple knew it tragically stopped at that moment. Tom became legally blind and suffered from numerous physical and mental challenges which prevented him from continuing on with his beloved medical practice. Brenda gave up her treasured theater company to help with his recovery.

But God had other plans for them…

While sitting out on the lovely patio enjoying the warmth of the sun, the smell of the salty air and the glittering blue waters of Saratoga Passage the thought came…”Why not start again by sharing our home and hearts with others who could enjoy this most beautiful property just as we have?”

And Sea Mist Waterfront Inn was born.

Over the past nearly 2 years as plans for the inn were made, Tom’s recovery slowly but miraculously began to take shape. The dream really could come true!

A Personal Note from your Hosts—Tom and Brenda

It is our wish and the prayer that each guest who comes to visit us will find rest, refreshment, peace and tranquility in this special place. We truly hope your time at our beloved waterfront inn will re-energize and revitalize your soul as you go about your own life’s travels, giving opportunity for you to create your own special and unique life story.

About, Sea Mist Waterfront B&B
About, Sea Mist Waterfront B&B

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop”